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We have the perfect solution to manage your fleet.

Jaano Fleet management software package.

100% independent from expensive third party platforms.

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Car sharing

Has become more and more popular over the last decade. Our technology helps to stay ahead of your fleet, customers and revenues.

Scooter sharing

The Jaano fleet management software was originally built for Jaano scooter sharing and has specific scooter sharing tools such as accident and theft tracking that are protecting your asset on the street.

E-Scooter sharing

Especially for E Scooter operators it is hard to maintain a fleet of thousands of scooters. The Jaano fleet management software package gives you an asset of 33.000 lines of code that increases your unit economic significantly in comparison to using a subscription third party fleet management tool.


Completely Customisable

Included in the software package is a user friendly web application that can be easily completely customised to your brand.

Reserve, Ride, Return

Do you want your customers to have a smooth experience? We have it all. From reserving a vehicle to unlocking it with a single touch on their phone, parking and returning it in a predefined business area, our software package can handle it all!

Effortless Payment

Now its your turn. After the ride was finished its time for you to get your cash. The software package offers you customisable pricing models. Branded payment invoices. For the convenience of your users you can easily add additional payment methods.

Your user also has the option to view invoices or to make changes to personal data through the portal that is included in the software package as well.


Fleet management

Our state of the art fleet management system provides all important data about your vehicles such as:

Fuel / battery level

View live and historical locations

Maintenance tracking – When a vehicle needs to be seen it will automatically change its status to „in Maintenance“ and a ticket to your fleet team will be created.

Status: In rent, reserved, parked, Blocked, Stolen etc.

Numberplate + Vehicle ID

You can also unlock & lock vehicles remotely

Protect your fleet

The software package includes sophisticated alert system such as theft warning system that protects your assets on the street.

Manage your customers

The software package also includes a customer management tool. You are able to change customer specific data such as payment methods, name or status. It also gives you an overview of the bookings a customer had as well as access to invoices.


Unlocking vehicle remotely

CRM System

including customer service tools

Different Alerts

e.g. Scooter laying on side – Vehicle is stolen etc.

Client and multi-level capability

with different roles (CEO, Maintenance)

Business district / area editor

that adapts in real time

Customisable Billing System

Email Marketing tool

e.g Reminder to finish registration, Sales etc.

Detailed overview

KPIs such as: Start time, End Time, Vehicle ID, Start-coordinates – end Coordinates and street)

Web application

for your user

3- 5 Day Integration workshop

We teach your developers how to continue to work with the software package

Full Software Documentation

in Englisch

Entire rent process

Reservation, Opening Vehicle, Parking , Returning -> Invoice

Operator Dashboard

Overview: How many rents, signed up customers today, parking and driving minutes, vehicles currently rented, blocked or reserved.


33.000 lines of code of sophisticated fleet management software for you to break free from expensive
third party companies with one single payment

Jaano GmbH

Hamburg, Germany

Jaano was founded in 2014 and was operating as worlds first scooter sharing company before becoming a software provider for MaaS operators world wide. 

in partnership with

Mobilty Science Inc.

Miami, Florida, USA

Mobility Science provides an AI based software platform that empowers mobility operators and Jaano customers, (scooter sharing, car sharing, car rentals etc.) to maximize the utilization of their own fleet using demand forecasting and the most advanced price optimization (dynamic pricing).